Release letter

This serves as a notice to clear – up the many accusations, the slander, and attacks made by Mr. Felix Vega (an ex-partner of

The main reason for the separation of any affairs between Felix Vega and myself are due in part to the horrible behavior he portrayed while having stayed in our domicile. As a friend, I opened up my home to him and his family, assisted him in obtaining employment, and let him live in my domicile without any sort of monetary obligation for approximately 6 months. My family and I opened our home without any ulterior motive other than to help a friend. In return for our support he took upon himself to divulge the many intimacies of a family to outside parties. Situations that any family can experience and that we felt were unfortunate however, did not merit being propagated as a malicious means to gossip. Felix Vega came to this state hoping for a better future for himself and his family, when he discovered that he would be unable to achieve such goals due to his work ethic he quickly proceeded to leave without notice leaving many business matters unresolved. In his wake he left a slew of slander about myself and my family.

Due to his malicious nature, and ill-conceived notions of what it meant to be a friend and business partner, I made the logical choice of cutting all ties with such a person. Having realized that I had taken such measure, Mr. Vega proceeded to attack me via various social media outlet claiming that “his site” had been “stolen from him” accusing me of such heinous things. I could have taken action at this point but decided to bite my tongue and wait. Bid my silence and when the time was right share my side of the story. I refuse to degrade myself to his level by insulting his demeanor and his family via social media outlets. This type person has been many a time called a Troll (One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument).

This is not how I see myself and as such do not believe it necessary to stoop to these levels. My family has taught the many moral values I hold and none allow me to use such slander against someone.

I have chosen instead to provide you all with concrete evidence demonstrating that claims of a robbery are preposterous and outright bold-faced lies. The following are attached images proving that I indeed own the domain, along with various proof of the capital investment made by myself. In none of these document will you see the name Felix Vega, as he never made any monetary contribution to the site.

1. Attached is evidence of the validity and ownership of the domain in question.
Owned and registered by Ricardo Vasquez, purchased June 18, 2013. The domains ownership does not expire until 2015.
As clearly demonstrated in this picture there is no mention of Felix Vega in the documentation. Any claims of occupation or usurpation of the domain in question are then proved invalid. If he did hold claim to such domain he would be able to call GoDaddy and reclaim ownership. However, since the domain is indeed my property he cannot do such a thing.

Link to domain register

2. Hosting and Servers
Attached is an image depicting the various expenses inquired by myself in the maintenance and propagation of the domain At no time did Mr. Vega assist in covering these costs. These came out of my pocket and only mine.


Once again had he actually had a claim over the server and/or domain he could quickly rectifiy this situation by contacting customer support at the aforementioned hosting services and regain control of “his” site.

However he is aware that this is impossible because he does not have any ownership of the domain or server.

3. Fan Page de Facebook 

In respects to this Facebook Page, this page was created once again by me and administrated by me. I granted access to Mr. Felix Vega and other associates that assisted me in the maintenance of the site.
I apologize for the endless repetition but had Felix Vega actually owned the Facebook page he would have been able to regain access regardless of my alleged robary.
The only true accomplishment he had was the mastery of the Copy & Paste function. And past that there was already a system integration between the website platform and Facebook that automatically diverted content between the two entities.


Facebook Ad expenses covering the propagation of content. All these Ads were paid by me through my PayPal account.


I have no intentions of keeping anything that does not belong to me or that I did not earn myself.

To avoid any sort of accusations or possible misconstrusion I created a second website. And entirely new page dedicated to the same endeavor as I called this website; a site with over 45 thousand visits per day, a number that makes’s 500 a day seem irrelevant. This current site is certified by and is currently #1 in its market exceeding sites on the level of or, sites which work with herculean budgets.

Alexa Ranking.

MMA.UNO # 80.356 Global
VIVEMMA # 3.354.375 Global

Report 12-6-2014


Link alexa

With these numbers it’s clear tAhat is far from being a successful website.


After creating this monumentally successful new site for the Latin American MMA community I am not proving without any reasonable doubt or lack of evidence that I was always the rightful owner of and not Felix Vega. I am a firm believer in the rewards of hard work and dedication and that the people who believe in you and stand by your side through the many upheavals you may experience are equally rewarded through their help and my own work.

I have successfully picked myself up and am very happy with my accomplishments.  I’m thankful for the inifinte support of those who know me, my family and the many individuals responsible for helping me get through this rough time in my life. My new site has climbed above the rankings of UFCESPANOL which is an indescribable accomplishment by a site created only by one person. I consider myself to be a hardworking man and quite peaceful. Someone dedicated to his family who has been rewarded for the monumental effort it took to make this website a success. I had aspirations at one point to share these exciting ventures with Felix Vega, however the situation did not allow for us to continue a partnership and as such an alleged “friendship” was terminated. I truly wish him success on his future endeavors. I have a clean conscience knowing that I did everything in my power to assist him in his transition to the state of NJ.

I’ve had no interest in keeping content that does not belong to me, whether it be actual written content or pictures. It is for these reasons that I’ve decided to extend such content to Mr. Vega through his associate Cesar Enrique. The entirety of the old site had been sent to him so that he may obtain back-ups of his content etc. Let it also be known that in a fit of fury Mr. Felix Vega attempted to delete the entirety of the without letting it owner (myself) know. Attached a copy of the email detailing the conversations between myself and Cesar Enrique sent September 17.

I will not give away my money or investments.
And as you can see I have no need to keep something that doesn’t belong to me. I have the capacity to create my own websites and blogs. My hard work pays off and I do not need to rely on others to accomplish the things I set out to do.

The UFC letter that was sent to Mr. Felix Vega accusing him of improper usage of media badges was not due to my actions. I have no necessity to do such a thing especially when we maintain direct contact with UFC.


Lastly, has been fully endorsed by UFC in Latin America. They have provided us with the support needed to continue growing the name.

Ricardo Vasquez